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Here at IINE we specialize in family, humanitarian, and business immigration law as well as U.S. citizenship. We have designed our practice to deliver low-cost legal services to immigrants and corporate clients throughout New England.

We have helped thousands of people navigate the immigration system, including many who have become citizens of the United States.  Our experienced team is a key part of our organization’s 102-year legacy of serving refugees and immigrants who live and work in New England.

We are eager to help you, your family, and your business. Please contact us today for assistance.

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Our family immigration services team helps people seeking assistance with Green Card applications, employment authorization documents, U Visas, fee waivers, Marriage Green Cards, and much more. Our staff has years of experience with a broad range of family immigration matters and is eager to help.


IINE’s trained and experienced attorneys and Department of Justice accredited representatives provide a range of family and business immigration services. We offer low-cost and some no-cost services to refugees and immigrants seeking residency and citizenship services. We also have experts who can help companies seeking visas and services for employees born outside of the United States.


IINE has an attorney with many years of experience assisting businesses to secure visas and protections for employees born outside of the United States. By using our services, companies receive quality services, become part of IINE’s mission of helping new Americans succeed in New England, and get the same personal attention we give all of our clients.

Meet our Team

Chiara St. Pierre

As the Senior Director, Immigration Legal Services of IINE’s growing Immigration Legal Services Program, Chiara St. Pierre oversees a team of attorneys and Department of Justice accredited representatives who provide both family and business immigration services. Under Chiara’s direction, IINE’s Legal Services Program provides immigration assistance to refugees, asylees, immigrants (including students, professionals, and entrepreneurs), and U.S. employers who hire foreign nationals.

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Katelyn Bertino

Katelyn Bertino is an associate attorney with IINE’s Immigration Legal Services. She received her BA in international relations from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. She graduated from Suffolk University Law School in 2015 where she focused on human rights and indigenous law. Katelyn started her legal career working in private immigration practice, but realized her goal of joining a non-profit law firm in 2018. She came to IINE in 2020 after working with immigrant survivors in Central Pennsylvania.

Ashley Wellbrock

Ashley Wellbrock is IINE’s Legal Services Coordinator and a Dept. of Justice Accredited Representative. She has more than a decade of experience working with immigrants and refugees, having served as manager of both Employment Services and Refugee Resettlement programs.  Her past experience informs her expertise in many areas of IINE’s practice, including family reunification, marriage visas, and Citizenship applications. Ashley coordinates the Legal team’s workflow, works directly with Boston-based clients, and maintains the practice’s data.

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